Exclusive Father’s Day Bundles

Give Dad a grooming upgrade with our limited-edition Father’s Day gift sets.

The Earthy and Outdoorsy Set

For the dad who is one with nature

get bundle - $85 $98

Green and Airy Cologne • Natural Eucalyptus Deodorant • Dark and Cozy Palo Santo Candle

The Sophisticated Corporate Set

For the dad who takes care of business

get bundle - $85 $98

Sophisticated and Aromatic Cologne • Stain-Free Deodorant • Pear and Basil Marine Candle

The Visionary Creative Set

For the dad who creates and dreams

get bundle - $85 $98

Soft and Airy Sandalwood Cologne • Natural Eucalyptus Deodorant • Smoky and Leathery Sandalwood Candle

The Fresh and Clean Sports Set

For the dad who never misses a game

get bundle - $85 $98

Aromatic and Woody Cologne • Stain-Free Deodorant • Smooth and Aromatic Wood Candle